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Crossborder Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based corporate advisory & investment firm that has been delivering business solutions to clients around the world since 1999. We are experts in connecting all sorts of indispensable elements & resources for international business development.




Asia Pacific, Europe,

North America



Sourcing & providing funds to accelerate

★ Angel finance

★ Fundraising for VBs & VCs

Business Development

Pushing for commercialisation

★ Sales & export channel building

★ Marketing support

M&A and Alliance

Acquiring/divesting business, and building partnership

Deal making

★ Professional execution

Problem Solving

Finding, building and executing solutions

★ Diagnosis & analysis

★ Trouble shooting

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Our services are extended to companies of almost all sorts of industries - manufacturing, service, technology...  whether traditional or non-traditional, established or early-stage, and large or small...

as long as you have aspirations to step out of where you are and venture into  new business horisons to the east or to the west.


We are constantly looking for and working with companies and businesses that are involved in unique and innovative technologies of great potential to make our planet "better" (well, not necessarily "convenient").


Sam Yano

Corporate Advisor & Trainer for International Business & Projects

Advocate for Diversity & Balance

Global Politics & Economy Watcher

Development       Management       Governance     Facilitation     Trouble-Shooting


Sam worked with bilateral and international development finance institutions and involved in socio-economic infrastructure projects (in transport, power, healthcare, education, tourism, etc.) worth billions of dollars in total in many Asian countries.  He also worked with a U.K. merchant bank to make and execute cross-border M&A deals between and among Europe and the Asia Pacific.

He has been especially active in the areas of international business development, partnership & alliance building, mergers & acquisitions, venture business support, and problem-solving. Sam has advised over 400 companies of various industries and scales mainly in the Asia Pacific, where he also has provided lectures and training programmes to and in numerous companies and university classes.  He is Founder & Executive Director of Crossborder Pte Ltd, an Independent Non-Executive Director of Silverlake Axis Ltd (listed on the SGX Mainboard), Advisor of EduLab, Inc. (listed on the TSE Mothers),  and holds positions of non-executive director and advisor with a few private companies.

A Japanese with Singapore P.R., an AFS alumni, a Keio University graduate (LL.B). He enjoys playing basketball and badminton, jogging, weight training, and nature walking.


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